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About us

We are a women-owned company dedicated to encouraging others to reach for big dreams, as we reach for our own, as well as creating jobs and opportunity for local highly-skilled women.

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Meet T31™. The clothing line that carries a heart message of hope.


Photo By Eloy J. Briceño (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons


We are a women-owned company dedicated to encouraging others to reach for big dreams, as we reach for our own, as well as creating jobs and opportunity for local highly-skilled women.


T31™ is short for Tepuy31. The T stands for Tepuy, similar to Tepui, which is literally translated to, “House of God”.  The number 31 comes from Proverbs 31, a description of a woman of noble character—she is a virtuous, hardworking, faithful, strong woman that we can aspire to be.


A Tepuy (Spanish: [te'pui]), is a table-top mountain or mesa found in the Guiana Highlands of South America, especially in Venezuela and western Guyana. The word Tepuy means "The house of God" in the native tongue of the Pemon, the indigenous people who inhabit The Gran Sabana.


T31 is a vibrant, fashion-forward U.S. brand committed to high-quality, durability and performance. Our designs, inspired by our South American roots, are bright, colorful and full of energy, expressing our love of natural beauty and life itself.

 Elena Carné, the company's designer, possesses a unique eye for color and design; coupling her talents with the use high-quality fabrics (20% spandex) to produce beautiful leggings, capris, pedal-pushers, sports bras, shorts and tank tops that are created for fit and comfort.

In collaboration with customer decision makers (Head Apparel Buyers, etc.), Tepuy creates the opportunity to focus on the smallest of details in design and construction that will appeal directly with our client’s customer base. Colors, patterns, features (paneling, pockets, etc.) can be designed, and redesigned, to meet customer desires and the market's changing demands. We call this desire to partner with our customers "Design on the Fly".

Finally, all products are designed, manufactured and shipped from our facilities in Americus, Georgia. This creates quick production turnaround from order to shipment given our US production operations. All products are "Designed and Handcrafted in Americus, GA".



To say that there are no accidents with God is to describe an unlikely friendship that has blossomed into a beautiful sisterhood.

With thousands of miles between, Elena from Venezuela and Paige from South Georgia, these 2 ladies’ paths eventually collided.

Elena and her family moved to Americus in 2015 to get a fresh start and build a business. Meanwhile, Paige was a fitness instructor coping with the reality of a soon to be empty nest.

Sent to meet Elena one Monday morning by a mutual friend, there was an immediate bond between the two ladies. Paige then began to stop by frequently to help where needed and that’s where this forever friendship took bloom.

Because of their two totally different cultures, they were able to mesh an activewear collection to embrace conservative Southern charm with colorful, vivacious South American flare!

For the past few years Elena and Paige have traveled to many cities both locally and nationwide introducing Tepuy Activewear, now known as T31 to everyone in their path.

They attended Atlanta Mart two different times where Elena won Emerging New Designer. The two have since been traveling with fitness conferences all over the USA selling merchandise and establishing a customer base.

Presently, after having spent the last few months shifting their focus to create PPE in the midst of the Pandemic, these ladies are ready to move forward.

Besides activewear, they are planning to dip heavier into athleisure, incorporating flare style pants and a “Women of Faith” collection. 

On a personal note: No one knows what tomorrow brings but we know the Creator of tomorrow. At T31 it is our mission to lead others closer to Him. We hope you will partner with us, support us, buy our products and share in the confidence of tomorrow when you choose Faith over Fear.                             

God bless you,

Elena and Paige