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Why Activewear is a Perfect Gift for Seniors

Why Activewear is a Perfect Gift for Seniors

Posted by Sally Writes on Nov 5th 2017

Why Activewear is a Perfect Gift for Seniors

It goes without saying that active wear is stretchy and comfortable. This is especially important for people in their golden years, as comfort becomes a priority. Despite decreased mobility as we age, 35-44% of over 75-year-olds are physically active, which is amazing news! Needless to say, with these statistics, active seniors deserve the best when it comes to stylish yet comfy workout outfits.

Ease of Use

High street fashion these days can be fiddly. Small zippers, laces and buttons can all make getting dressed a difficult task for people with limited movement. Traditional pants may also require a belt, which can be difficult to put on and adjust. Activewear overcomes this by having no fastenings or straps. Simply pull up some leggings and you're good to go. This reduces time spent getting dressed in the morning, leaving more time for hobbies to keep you fit and happy, such as taking a walk.

Activewear is designed to stretch to fit your body perfectly. This means that you do not need to update your wardrobe if your size and weight changes. Your activewear will stretch and compress, so you can continue wearing the same clothes for longer. A good pair of workout shorts makes a great gift for seniors, who want an easy and comfortable wardrobe.


Activewear is designed to aid movement. While other clothes may be constricting, sportswear remains comfortable all day long. The fabrics used can stretch in all directions, so they do not inhibit movement.

They are also designed to regulate temperature. As you age, you may feel more sensitive to heat and cold. The fibers used in activewear are designed to keep you warm when it is cold, while wicking away sweat if your body temperature rises. This means you can attend a local gym, without fear of overheating.

Activewear is an incredibly versatile kind of clothing. It is easy to put on and adjusts to be the perfect size and shape for your body, while retaining its original shape. Senior citizens are using activewear for everyday activities as well as to help them keep fit. For increased movement and comfort, consider adding more activewear to your clothes closet.