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About us

We are a women-owned company dedicated to encouraging others to reach for big dreams, as we reach for our own, as well as creating jobs and opportunity for local highly-skilled women.

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About Us

 Our Mission  

Our mission is to stitch together creativity, craftsmanship, and sustainability to deliver premium-quality, custom-made apparel that empowers individuals to express their unique style. We are dedicated to fostering a positive and inclusive sewing community while ensuring our products are ethically produced, using eco-friendly materials and practices. Through innovation and attention to detail, we strive to exceed our customers' expectations, providing them with timeless, durable garments that celebrate their individuality and leave a positive impact on the environment. Our commitment to excellence and social responsibility drives us to be a leading force in the apparel industry, inspiring positive change one stitch at a time. 

Our Vision

  Empowering Dreams, Stitching Futures: Our brand envisions a world where aspirations know no bounds. As a design and sewing house, we weave threads of possibility, crafting not just garments but opportunities. We light the path to realizing ambitions and nurturing local talent through job creation and training. Through our stitches, we sew stories of resilience, setting an example of triumph over obstacles. With every seam, we stitch dreams into reality, fostering a tapestry of empowerment and innovation.


About the Name T31 Design House

T31™: Where Meaning and Inspiration Converge ? Our name embodies the essence of our mission. 'T' signifies Tepuy, akin to 'Tepui' - a 'House of God'. The number 31 draws from Proverbs 31, portraying a woman of noble character - embodying virtues of strength, diligence, faith, and integrity. Just as a Tepuy stands tall, we stand by these values, inspiring all to be virtuous, tenacious, and full of purpose. 

Delving Deeper into T31's Inspiration: The Significance of "Tepuy" 

 At T31 Design House, our name carries a profound meaning that echoes the spirit of our journey. Just as a Tepuy stands tall and resilient in the Guiana Highlands, we too rise with determination. "Tepuy," derived from the Pemon language, translates to "The house of God." This reverence resonates with our mission to create, empower, and uplift. Like these majestic plateaus, we stand firm as a symbol of aspiration, echoing the spirit of the land and its people. Join us in building a collective 'house of dreams' as we craft, inspire, and make a mark on our shared path.